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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chris Duane : expect a 1:1 Gold Silver ratio

Chris Duane on the Kerry Lutze Report - 17 Nov 2011 : Chris expects a one to one gold silver ratio because all the gold that has been mined has ever been treasured while all the silver that has been mined has been used and abused for over a hundred of years , the actual silver gold ratio of over 50 to one is just way out of whack , especially with the coming silver technological uses in say solar energy and electronics , the demand for silver is set to explode .....


  1. ive been hearing that the gold silver ratio gap is going to close since dirt. the powers that be have been and will continue to manipulate silver with impunity as there is no watch dog to stop it. it is impossible for silver to reach the organic price it should be while this continues, and it will most likely continue indefinitely because of the golden rule; "he who has the gold makes the rules."

  2. chris needs to learn not to speak over his commentator... it's rude and doesn't put him a good light.


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