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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dan Dicker, bets on Gold

Dan Dicker, Merc Bloc president, explains why he's buying gold for the first time in four years.Dan Dickers : I think what is going on is the possibility, and I hate to say this, I think that it ends up in the in the end with the monster bazooka courtesy of the IMF coming in and financing it. and that's the event that I'm sort of shooting for here and then the moment it comes out is the time to sell the metals somewhere around 2200. but i think everything is looking at this kind of constructive can kicking. it's become an art form in Europe. and the only way that i can find to protect myself against a very fruity market, at least it's really unfathomable. i have never been afraid of risk before. but right now, the market just doesn't make any sense to me. I am looking for some safety. I'm trying to find it with some gold.

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