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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Italy & Greece should have never been admitted to the Euro

Bob Chapman - A Marine Disquisition - 10 Nov 2011

Bob Chapman : The case of Italy is unique they had ongoing problems for years , they and Greece should have never been admitted to the Euro , they had to falsify their books and balance sheets with the help of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs to qualify , Silvio Berlusconi the premier of Italy is a media mogul a multimillionaire and megalomaniac who truly believes he is the Il Duce , Mussolini , Barkley's came out with a report and they said that no matter what happens Italy is broke , Italy is now becoming a bigger problem than Greece ....Germany cannot rescue these countries ... Germany is now preparing for the dropping off of these 6 countries , and in 2 -3 years from now they will get rid of the Euro all together ....

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