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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mike Maloney & Max Keiser on The MF Global Missing Gold

Max Keiser interviews Mike Maloney of about the latest in the precious metals market and about a $15 trillion Dow."MF Global is like the Mafia guy who turned states evidence on the Kingpin of the Mafia. Because, you can't "freeze out" the Nymex from the underlying criminal racket that's going on.....If you turn in or "taddle tale" on the "Don" of the Mafia you're gonna ruin the entire money making enterprise of the Mafia...It just show's you how bad the situation is - that MF Global would in effect put a knife-in-the-back of its very own criminal syndicate operator Nymex." -Keiser .The wealth Chinese buy gold because the RMB are losing value fast due to high Inflation! The Chinese government's # 6.1% is a big lie. Inflation in China's >16%. Chinese stock market is at the lowest. Every province in China is a Greece. Banks load with debt. The local Chinese bonds all junks. Chinese housing is the biggest bubble. Investors all got trapped. There's no good investment in China. And who exported the inflation to China and Asia, U.S. Dollars and treasury bonds. This is a price that the Chinese has to pay if they want more export but pegged with U.S. Dollars. Unfortunately, the Chinese aren't foolish to let their currency devalue day by day. Even by Keynsian point of view, they know the danger of inflation. I like silver better than gold on a percentage basis. It also has an industrial demand component that could make things get even more interesting. Everything is going electronic now, books are even becoming obsolete to e-readers. Solar panel demand is about to go parabolic. Silver is it.

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