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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bob Chapman : America should elect Ron Paul

Bob Chapman : we should elect Ron Paul. Ron Paul IS a true Republican...a libertarian who wants to revive the true position of the Republican party to return it to Constitutional roots. Anyone who says he ISN'T just doesn't listen. BUSH was the "fake" Republican! Ron Paul rose above all the media bias even though the media tried their hardest to suppress him Ron Paul should be winning on integrity alone.the world is catching on to what Ron Paul stands for and this man is the best thing that could ever happen to America Vote Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul's currently 2nd in New Hampshire and 3rd in South Carolina. A win in Iowa could give him the boost he needs to take 1st in New Hampshire. A win in Iowa AND New Hampshire could be the boost he needs to take 1st in SC. Winning in SC sets him up to win Florida. If he wins Florida, there'll be no stopping him.
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