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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bob Chapman - Dr. Deagle Nutrimedical Report - 12-28-2011

Bob Chapman - Dr. Deagle Nutrimedical Report - 12-28-2011 Bob Chapman of the International forecaster discusses with Dr Deagle of the Nutrimedical Report about the current event the Ron Paul GOP race and the possibility of him wining being the only candidate that can liberate us from the bondage of the banking cartels and wall street gangs and the city of London and so on , Bob Chapman also talks about how the precious metals markets are manipulated and many other issues


  1. One man, without even a clear plan to do that job, will get it done ? Seriously remove all the bankers and put something else in their place ? It is a fantasy and you know it. It is going to take a lot more then that, I don't think in the U$A it can be conducted through the regular channels anymore; those are closed down by a combination of a confused self-centered population, lying media, corrupt ruling classes, and electronic voting machines. Americans supported how many wars ? Now it's their turn to be "liberated," that seems to be the historical logic of the situation; one man can not change something like that however well he might mean it, not without a sufficient plan that is ratified and done by the public, he doesn't have it. Ron is a classical capitalist of sorts, so he doesn't understand economics in detail, and therefore he can't help much though perhaps something.

    Don't wait for any politician to come safe you, U$A is done for and requires mass revolution. What if the state apparattus just refuses to follow the command of Ron P ? It takes a lot to change things, being official boss doesn't mean things change necessarily. Being the boss of a criminal gang means you can order them to become honest farmers ? It is going to take a lot more then an honest president. One glass of poison and Ron is dead, then what ? It doesn't work that way does it. They don't shrink from killing anyone, as JFK's murder proves.

  2. I was for Ron Paul till I found out he is a Mason and alluminati and gives the Satan hand sign. So sad to find out there is no hope except Jesus coming after all this falls apart.


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