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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bob Chapman : the elite want an arab country to attack Iran

Bob Chapman Interview Global Freedom Report 11/21/11 : there is a great possibility of a war against Iran , they are also probably waiting to see if they can get some of these Arab nations to go after one another and that would mean perhaps some of them taking aim at Iran themselves , so i do not think at the current time that there going to be an invasion , this is has been going on so long years , they are going to go in they are going to do that everybody has been wrong says Bob Chapman , and so we just don't know it's an open question he added that only those in the inside can really answer ....


  1. Iran is not an Arab country, they are Persian. Stupid Americans.

  2. bob you are to optimmist but the EU cannot last more than 5 months...maybe less and so is the world now ready to go for the big war,selfanihilation


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