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Friday, December 2, 2011

Bob Chapman : if Ron Paul is not elected you better get out if you can

Bob Chapman - Sovereign Economist - November 30, 2011 : the politicians do not tell the people what's going on they only show them the propaganda , this is not a free country anymore ,and if you question the government you are a terrorist .... , if Ron Paul is not elected you better get out if you can because it is not going to be nice .....


  1. It sure would be nice tpo listen to Bob instead of this "know it all pompous ass" guy once in awhile. Hey Drew or whatever your name is---shut up and learn a thing or two!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Chapman, where do you believe we can go.South America,Europe,Islamic world or Israel?

  3. China. Or North Korea...both are more free than us now.

  4. I disagree with Bob...I listen to him daily..and I also know how smart, creative, strong and determined most American are. If there is a police state..we will do the peaceful non-compliance, bartering, black market, gardens, water catchment, solar generators...We will not let a corrupt 'state' survive. We are not Nazi Germany...we are very, very differnt...and tougher then Bob knows..


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