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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jim Sinclair : the MF Global situation is a piece of dynamite sitting underneath the gold price

Jim Sinclair, host of known as Mr. Gold for his remarkably accurate timing regarding the gold bull market of the 70s is the Founder of and Chairman of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration.

Jim Sinclair interviewed by bullmarketthinking on December 12, 2011: “Many gold shares are selling at a significant discount to the price of gold, but also at a discount to simple logic,” for reasons that, “there are significant competing investments that didn’t exist back in the 70s and 80s, such as exchange traded funds in gold and silver…The largest of these funds, if you read the prospectus, you find out you’re investing in a fund that doesn’t have even the legal obligation to deliver gold itself, and they have the absolute ability to only deal in paper equivalents.”
and regarding the MF Global scandal Jim Sinclair says : “When problems like this occur, and when investors question whether or not their statements means anything, assets without liabilities attached to them held physically or stored personally by the investor become very attractive.” and He concluded by saying, “the MF Global situation—is a piece of dynamite sitting underneath the gold price.”

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