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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver and Gold - Random but Important Facts

Various mostly technical facts and data about gold and silver. So many videos on precious metals are mostly emotion, as an engineer with 35 years experience in primarily electronics but much research in metals I felt I could contribute important information the investing world needs to know but does not! When ten friends selected at random all told me they assumed there was about 50 times MORE silver in the world than gold based on the price differential! When the answer is there is 5 to 10 times MORE gold than silver! Very few apparentlyknow this! This and much more needs to be known by all investors!

CORRECTION: There is about 5 to 10 times more gold for investors to buy than silver. This includes bullion coins and bars. There is more above ground silver. The majority of it is not in bullion form (i.e. sterling candlestick holders etc. )

The Fed Synonymous With Stimulus Policy - Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman on Discount Gold and Silver Trading Jan 07 2010

The US Mint Has Ceased Production of Silver Eagles?
BREAKING NEWS: The United States Mint has officially raised their wholesale pricing above spot on American Silver Eagles to all authorized dealers from $1.50 to $2.00, an increase of a whopping 33%. This news comes on the heels of a significant silver spot price rally over the last month to a new thirty year record over $22 per ounce. The impact of this news is significant and has already affected dealer pricing across the country within hours, as prices on Silver American Eagles have jumped over $0.50/oz industry wide.

not a big fan of apmex- good prices, but super-high shipping cost. Gainesville is by far the best i've found; ordered a tube of eagles on Monday and they got here on Thursday so i don't understand the speaker saying they are backed up.