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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Billionaires Rushing into The Gold Bull Market

Billionaire Stampede Into Gold & Silver Has Begun

Billionaires started Rushing into The Gold Bull Market according to gold and silver expert Mike Maloney, The gold and silver markets are tiny compared to stocks and bonds. Be ready for huge movements in price as more and more large investors sell their paper assets and join this rally, the greatest gold and silver bull market in history.

These ultra rich are like falling dominoes now, we are hearing of more of them going hard into metals. Pft!! Talk about gate crashers coming late to the party! Seems like the Global Financial System is about to figuratively....explode? Well....maybe at the very least....spring a leak ? lol Maybe they can patch it up with some precious metal ?

Bob Chapman on Discount Gold and Silver Trading Jan 10 2011

Bob Chapman on Discount Gold and Silver Trading Jan 10 2011

James West - Gold at $1500/oz by the end of March

James West - CNBC Interview - Fast Money

CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders discuss gold stocks with James West of the Midas Letter and what they'll be watching tomorrow in gold.

Gold and Silver Move Higher as Portugal Needs a Bailout

Strategist Jim Comiskey discusses the metals futures markets. Topics covered: Copper market analysis; Crude oil and metals moving in the same direction. comments on the outlook for Portugal's planned auction of 10-year bonds tomorrow and the European Union's policy response to the region's debt crisis .Portugal says it is doing all it can to avoid external aid, but the country is "just a small economy in the massive sea of the euro zone",

Bob Chapman talks about currencies on A M D show 1-6-2011

Bob Chapman talks about world currencies......

Gold Could Fall to $1,295 in Short-Term says Chartist Carol Harmer

Jan. 11 2011 | "I do think gold's on its way down and if we break this level we could quite easily go back down to $1,295 (per troy ounce). I think longer term, gold's a good investment," Carol Harmer, director at Charmer Charts and Mercury Forex, told CNBC Tuesday.