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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bob Chapman on Gonob Radio 18 Apr 2011 (The Full Interview)

Bob Chapman : discusses the news of today the S&P says that they may have to drop the triple A rating of the United States if the problem of the deficit ,your government is run by a criminal syndicate says Bob Chapman the International Forecaster , the government continues to manipulate the market of the precious metals

Bob Chapman on Discount Gold and Silver 18 Apr 2011

Bob Chapman : we have a third stage attack by the United States against the Gold market , the market was surprised today by the voracity in the market especially towards the end , generally speaking it wasn't a hot day in the stick market ...

Bob Chapman - A Marines Disquisition 04-14-2011

Bob Chapman ,we are all Americans no matter how we think politically we got to save our country it is very problematic what's going on and I do not know how it's all going to end up we got to stick together and help one another , Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster steps to the Mic discussing the financial Market around the world, How Toos to protect your assets & INVEST WISELY

BOB Chapman - SLV GLD Bankruptcy Alert

Bob Chapman explains why the ETFs SLV and GLD are going to go bankrupt unless the fiat money printing presses keep supplying them with new cash to buy-off the traders who are Long in gold or silver.
Chapman says SLV and GLD have no metals or at best, very little at all.Bob Chapman puts it together concisely , we do not have a free market anymore in America we have a corporate fascism
Beware if you have investments in SLV or GLD."Assist JP Silver.

Gold chasing the $ 1,500 mark

Gold Rally has touched today the psychological threshold of $ 1,500. In New York quotes splashed to $ 1,498 after the S&P Standard & Poor's has revised to 'negative' its outlook for the United States economy .Gold, has a strong correlation with the greenback and crude oil, The Dollar is weak and the crude oil is heading to $150 (according to analysts ) all bullish signals for the Gold . there is also the demand from emerging markets for the physical gold as multi-trillion dollar foreign exchange reserves from emerging economies chasing spot gold markets which fare in billions of dollars. The percentage of reserves in gold of emerging economies is still 1.5 to two per cent of their total reserves.Silver prices also continue to move higher

Marc Faber on Gold : Physical assets vs Miners

Marc Faber, editor & publisher of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report" talks about his preferred ways to invest in gold  " well basically I do not think that people should punt on Gold but they should be their own central bank and gradually accumulate gold reserves as a currency and they should basically hold it physically but not in the US outside the US " " I think there is the risk that the US will once again as they did in 1933 collect the gold expropriate the gold they will not take away and not pay anything they'll pay probably the market price and after they will revalue it it by say five times "