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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

John Embry & James Turk - U.S. Dollar on Death Row

John Embry Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management believes that the days of the dollar are numbered : I do I look at things mathematically he says , when I look at the budget deficit for example you reach the stage now where expenditures are twice as much as revenues , they are taking in less than 50 percent of what they're spending anytime you seen that in history that mean you by pass the point of no return so I find these debates of how much spending and cuts they gonna have or tax rise or sort of deals budget deficit problems kinda factious because I think they have reach the state in which they can do nothing but monetize to debt because they can't crack it - U.S. Dollar on Death Row

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Bob Chapman - Meria Heller Show - 05-11-2011

Bob Chapman - Meria Heller Show - : the situation in the middle east is not going the way they want it to go , they are making regime changes with a new set of donkeys Libya the Chinese had 30 thousand people working there they were drilling for oil and things like that and they had to pull them out because of what's going on ...let it be a lesson to Americans Syria the regime is shooting the protesters this is what happens to you when you do not have weapons they shoot you down the street

Bob Chapman - The Bankers are robbing Greece

Bob Chapman : ...the reason they were having those secret meetings is because they wanted Greece to collateralize all its debt with everything that they own , this is how arrogant these bankers are , all the mineral rights sea ports airlines airports , 263 airports the gas the electric their buses their trains they left nothing and they do not want to pay ten cent a dollar for the collateral it is a typical robbery ..Papandreu is such an incompetent communist...The Archbishop of the Greece orthodox church is a subscriber (to the international forecaster) and he is not going to let that happen ....

Bob Chapman : The Euro and Europe are in big trouble

Bob Chapman - 3rd Hour Radio Liberty  - 05-09-2011

Bob Chapman : I do not think the Europeans fully understand the gravity of what's going on but the Americans and the people in the rest of the world do not understand either...Greece may do a partial bankruptcy ....Papandreu is a Marxist

Gold May Rise to $2,000 as Alternative to Currency, Eric Sprott says

As investors continue to buy gold preferring it to paper money the price may go as high as $2000 before the end of this year says Eric Sprott Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager of Sprott Inc . Gold will rise by at least 17% this year, Sprott said today in an interview during the New York Hard Assets Investment Conference. The metal averaged $1,228.45 an ounce last year on the Comex in New York and ended 2010 at $1421.40. via Bloomberg

“It’s gone up 17% a year for the past 11 years; I’m sure it will do that as a minimum,” Sprott said. “It could easily hit $2,000 this year. That wouldn’t be out of the question.”  Sprott Asset Management now offers 5 types of metal funds Sprott Gold & Precious Minerals Fund, Sprott Gold Bullion Fund, Sprott Silver Bullion Fund, as well as the exchange-traded Sprott Physical Gold Trust and Sprott Physical Silver Trust.

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Bob Chapman : HSBC is naked short 45 to 1

Bob Chapman interview with Kerry Lutz - 05-05-2011

Bob Chapman : the major exchanges and the two major regulators FTC , CFTC are receiving probably around two thousand complains a day on the rigging of the gold and silver as well as the gold and silver share market the word is getting around that the government is rigging the market ...HSBC are naked short 45 to one they can't cover so at 50 dollars silver they have decided we get this thing down.......Morgan runs the country with the help of Goldman Sachs Citi group etc...