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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bob Chapman on The Alex Jones Show 20 May 2011

Bob Chapman discusses the issues of Obama 's birth certificate , the Soros connection through his media matters , apparently Obama's birth certificate was a bad photoshoped forgery , very unprofessional knowing that the CIA could have made close to perfect forgeries , Bob then speaks about the coming QE3 even if they may do it under another name the Gold rally will continue propelled by the weight of the monetary mass that the FED is too good at creating at the speed of light , we just had a man made correction we probably hit the bottom , Bob 's advise is to continue to buy Gold and Silver physical bullion go long stay long you are in for a nice ride ....

Gold back over the $1,500 mark

Gold is back over the $1500 mark , most analyst are optimistic and see the gold bull run going on for the next 3 years or so , many predict to see gold at $2000 /oz before the end of this year , Silver is up too today and it is over $35/oz

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Get out the 401K as soon as possible

Bob Chapman - Discount Gold Silver Trading - 05-20-2011

Bob Chapman : get out 401K as soon as possible , they are gonna take your retirement , they will replace that money with treasuries that won't be worth the paper it is written on , take instead delivery of silver and gold bulion

The US Government owns the COMEX

Bob Chapman on Radio Liberty 20 May 2011

Bob Chapman : ...I think the idea of the government , the CME which owns the COMEX and the naked short such as Morgan and HSBC in Silver they decided we just going to take the market down and they got away once with it before , they are not going to get away with it this time ...there should be an investigation , ...the gold and silver market looks like it may have bottomed right now says Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster ....

Bill Murphy on Gold Silver price manipulation

Bill Murphy - Goldseek Radio May 18, 2011

Goldseek Radio Special Guest Interview: Bill Murphy on gold price manipulation and his economic and precious metals outlook (
(Chairman of GATA – The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee)
Bill Murphy is a well-known financial commentator and is the Chairman
of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (
Gold and Silver are so undervalued says Bill Murphy this is the greatest investment opportunity in History ....

Bill Murphy : "The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) was formed in January
1999 to expose and oppose the manipulation and suppression of the
price of gold. What we have learned over the past 11 years is of great
importance in regard to this hearing on position limits in the
precious metals futures markets. Our efforts to expose manipulation in
the gold market parallel those of Harry Markopolos to expose the
Madoff Ponzi scheme to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Initially we thought that the manipulation of the gold market was
undertaken as a coordinated profit scheme by certain bullion banks,
like JPMorgan, Chase Bank, and Goldman Sachs, and that it violated
federal and state anti-trust laws. But we soon discerned that the
bullion banks were working closely with the U.S. Treasury Department
and Federal Reserve in a gold cartel, part of a broad scheme of
manipulation of the currency, precious metals, and bond markets."

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The IMF was a looting operation since WWII

Bob Chapman - A Marines Disquisition - 05-19-2011

Bob Chapman : the IMF was set up as a looting operation by Wall Street , that's why Dominique Starauss-Kahn got into problems with those in New York because he wanted to make it into a more humanitarian operation by relieving people of some of their debt and not imposing such austerity which has never worked , he also wanted to use the SDR instead of the dollar , Bob Chapman believes that DSK is innocent of the charges and that JPM is behind all of this ....