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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham

1 dinar is 4.25 gram gold, its not 1 ounce of gold that is 31.1 gram gold !
Very interesting. When this has been tried in the USA (having competing currencies in gold and silver parallel with federal reserve notes) the people doing it were arrested. That's probably because what the guy say here is true, silver and gold in the hands of the people represents freedom from government control and manipulation of the money supply.

People get arrested because of the legal tender laws, which make possible the machinations of a central bank and their printing of paper money. Without that force of law, people would choose a different medium of exchange over that which can be printed into oblivion.

Bob Chapman : Sarah Palin is obviously the anointed candidate

Bob Chapman : LibertyRoundTable - 05-30-2011

Bob Chapman : Sarah Palin is obviously the anointed candidate ...I think this episode of Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the result of several things , number one , Sarkozy who has terrible ratings in France did not want him to run at the socialist ticket for the french presidential elections , Sarkozy is a friend of America so they want him back in office , also Miss Lagarde he wanted to get rid of her , says Bob Chapman , and that's why she is the front runner to take over the IMF chairmanship ,the reasons behind it all is that the Europeans want to use an SDR or the EURO

Bob Chapman - The Sovereign Economist 25 May 2011

Bob Chapman : looks like silver is reassuming its leading position it is moving up slowly , the CME owns the COMEX there is really no over hang on the way despite the CME margin increases is a rigged market a crime Incorporated

Gold to hit $1750 and Silver $50 - $60 in the Short Term says Juerg Kiener

Gold to Hit $1750 in the Short Term says Juerg Kiener and multiple thousands in the medium term 1215 and 1216 , by that time silver would be worth around $500 an ounce he added : Lack of trust in governments in the western world is moving more and more people into physical ownership of gold Juerg Kiener, managing director and chief investment office at Swiss Asia Capital told CNBC. He added gold would hit $1750 an ounce in the short term with silver hitting $60 an ounce and that gold could hit multiple thousands of dollars by 2016 with silver above $100.

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