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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bob Chapman & Ted Anderson on The Alex Jones - 05 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : technically we are looking at $1750/oz (Gold) buy the end of the month , during supposedly the weakest part of the year , and people always forget that joiellery manufactures all around the world have to start ordering their gold and silver platinum and palladium for the coming season , we can easily see $2000/oz - $2200/oz by the end of the year

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival - 05 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : the market has been damaged deeply , today what you see in the market has been cause by the plunge protection team , I will call it a dead cat bounce , the treasuries are perceived as being safe and of course they are not

Bob Chapman : the DOW crash was manipulated

Bob Chapman - A MARINES DISQUISITION - 04 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : it is one of the biggest losses in history I believe it was manipulated that way , there is a thing called the president's working group on the financial markets they can do anything they want to the markets anytime they want legally under executive order by former president Reagan when you see a market go down especially more than 300 points which in DOW terms , the FTSE in London was down approximately 300 DOW points , the DOW went down over a 500 points today , the large corporate firms have the ability today to make the market do anything they want , the working group and the large firms could have stopped the losses may be at a 100 or 200 points but we know that were not going to do that because they could have done it in London by manipulating that market so they allowed the market to go down , money went from stocks to bonds supposedly bonds are safer and we had a big drop in the yields on the US ten years notes and that was caused by money being switched out of stocks into bonds particularly treasuries, for the commodities to be down at the same time as the market is not normal....

Eric Sprott : Silver can be at $100/oz

Eric Sprott : Gold was the investment of the last decade and silver will be the investment of this decade , and I do believe in the thesis that silver will get back to a 16 to 1 ratio to Gold , so Gold is over $1600 , so theoretically Silver can be a 100 dollars , I see the buying coming in to one to one I see the supply of Gold above ground is approximately a hundred tims greater than silver but the buying is one to one so something got to give somewhere ....

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