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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bob Chapman - if Ron Paul is not elected they know they will have a revolution

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival 17 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : Ron Paul must be on television as much as I am on radio , if he is denied the nomination I do not think he will run as an independent , he would stand the game greatly in a three way election , I think you going to have a lot of people voting for him by sympathy of him not getting the republican nomination and he should have ...this is all hypothetical says Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster .... Perry and Bachman are not going to win anything ...if Ron Paul is not going to get elected they know they will have a revolution

John Embry : Gold is real money

John Embry : Well it could be, because as you go down the path to hyperinflation, it just means that money is being devalued at an ever greater rate. Gold, being real money, is priced in this devalued money. People just don't seem to grasp that it's not gold that's doing anything; it's the value of the money in which it's denominated that's driving the bus. It's going straight down and the price of gold ultimately will go straight up. Now having said all of that, you got to be careful what you wish for, because the societal impact of this could be very, very negative. I would just as soon be wrong, but my job is to analyze things and this is the way I see it.

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Bob Chapman - National Intel Report - 16 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : Reagan was not the conservative people thought he was and I have known him very well and I do know a lot about him , .... they are doing everything to suppress the gold and silver market , the ratio ( of 16 to one ) does not work it is all about fundamentals , it has nothing to do with technicals ratios waves or cycles throw them all out of the window , the ratio does not work it is little boys who like to play with numbers ....when you got a government and a central bank that is manipulating the market 24/7 in many things most of which is gold and silver you can't use them

Bob Chapman starts at around 14:14 in the video

Bob Chapman with Patrick Timpone - August 17, 2011

Bob Chapman : Sarkozy of France and Merkel of Germany had a meeting yesterday and unfortunately for them they accomplished very little , the German people and the french to some extent do not want to go any further , they do not want to spend anymore money bailing somebody else they would rathr let them go under and take losses on the bonds they hold ....

Bob Chapman - Time Out with Kevin Gallagher - August 17, 2011

Bob Chapman : The Europeans have made a deal with Greece and Greece illegally approved it through their Parliament , now the Europeans are looking at the other 5 countries that are in trouble and they are saying Jee this is not going to cost a trillion it will cost 4 to 6 trillion which I projected a year and half ago , they do not want to do that certainly the public in Germany Finland Holland and Austria they do not want to do that either because it is going to bankrupt all of them ...there is no final resolution of the problem and it is going to get worse

David Morgan : Gold is not in a bubble it is the debt Bubble

David Morgan :"..... I mean, the view I have is that it's not gold that is in a bubble. it is the debt bubble. it is the increasing of the burden of government's printing more money and that's the real problem. gold's reflecting that reality. so, i think the current case is that the united states finally got the message with the downgrade by the s&p to a lower credit rating and i think this is going to be put some stimulation you might say into the political system that may actually cause some action to take place. if the u.s. can get the debt house in order, i think you'll see some leveling off in the gold price. if that doesn't occur, you probably see the opposite

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Bob Chapman - Stock Market, Gold & Silver Predictions for 2011/2012

Bob Chapman : They manipulate every market 24/7 , it is legal it is a disgrace there are no free markets , and so I think that we will probably bounce here and go back down to 8500 by the end of the year we are about 1101 right now , and I think there is a possibility of 6600 in February but it they do not do that they will try to bring the market back from there , if I have to guess I would say they will take it to 6600 , they'll hold it at 8500 and there will be a rally going into the election it will get up to 1200 again

Bill Murphy : The Gold cartels have lost control over the market

Bill Murphy GATA Chairman interviewed on Gold Seek Radio Nugget - 10 Aug 2011 , Bill Murphy
that's what GATA have been saying for years the gold cartels losing control of the market they just cannot handel the physical demand , Gold is going to explode in years ... If you live on planet GATA , we have predicted all this and it is happening , we were talking about it when Gold was 300 and 400 we expected it , basically the gold cartel is run out of available central banks that do what the tell them to do , it is the opposite now , now these central banks like South Korea Thailand Greece even Russia China are all buying and the gold cartels just do not have enough gold to keep the price down , that's what happening ....because gold is so expensive people are going to go to silver and the only reason silver is acting 'comme ci comme ca ' like now is just because of JP Morgan and what they are doing they try to keep it down they are desperate , silver is going to go berserk and there is not much time for investors left to get on board

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