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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peter Schiff : Gold is an excellent store of value

Peter Schiff : I have been buying gold for over ten years it has been good for me , people who bought stocks ten years ago have lost money and I think people who are buying bonds are going to lose even more , the rising gold prices are telling us that money is so cheap , interest rates are too low , Ben Bernanke is going to keep printing money that's all he knows to do , people were telling me that gold is in a bubble since it was at $500 , look you do not compare gold to stocks gold is money compare it to the dollar , compare it to the Euro compare it to the Yen , and so if you are going to compare it to other currencies what is more likely to maintain its purchasing power over time ? something that is scarce like gold that has intrinsic value that can't be printed or something with no intrinsic value that has been run off the printing presses like it was going out of style ...people are accumulating gold they use it the things that they need but if you understand money and gold , you save your gold and you spend your paper that's what I am doing that's what my clients are doing we are holding gold and we are spending paper , gold has always been money our founding fathers made it money ....Gold is an excellent store of value , oil is cheaper today than it was 30 or 40 years ago if you are paying for it in gold , it is more expensive if you are paying for it in dollars but not if you got real money

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Gold having a technical correction

Gold having a technical correction after CME Group Raises Margin Requirements 27% for Trading Gold Futures , Gold is down $150 in less than 12 hours , this is a healthy correction for Gold look how far gold have gone it has spiked more than $400 in less than two months time from $1500 to above $1900 without taking a break basically , some retailers have decided to take profit at this time , It is normal that when it got toppy, we will see a correction. this is a healthy correction. nearly every trader and analyst says the same thing. it is necessary when you see the price rally like it did. $400 spike in two months time and gold hasn't looked back since $1500 an ounce. we saw that relationship between equities and stocks flip again. as we saw equities rally, gold came off. we have seen the CME group raise margins and Shanghai exchange did the same , and now we have thesemargin calls hitting new traders as well as those in the market exacerbating the selling. how low do we go? a key technical level. 1758 broke the low at the close and now looking at the next key level at 1650. does that mean the rally is over? most traders say, no, the same issues that caused gold to rally, mainly low interest rates, one of the keys, will continue to see that rally in gold and investors will still be interested because so many average investors are under-weighted if they have gold at all. thank you very much. talk to you later.

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Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival - 24 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : If Gold and Silver ever needed a correction it got one it was not natural it was caused by the United Stats Government in league with major broker houses and banks as well as other central banks and hedge funds , they wanted the price down , they took it down and we also have tomorrow the termination of the monthly gold and silver option contracts and once it's over there is no reason for the banks to see the gold and silver down any further at that time , by six month they were guessing wrong this time they made it happen and that was not natural it just shows you how easy it is to manipulate the markets ...over the next 3 to 4 days you will see the bottom it will turn around and it will back up again there is nothing to stop it they do not have any gold or silver to sell they sell paper .

Bob Chapman explains the Gold Correction

Bob Chapman - National Intel Report - August 24, 2011

Bob Chapman : on Thursday the Gold Silver options expire and the banks that write these options especially on the long side and most of them are on the long side like 7 or 8 to one they were all on the money because the price of Gold had gone considerably higher , so those banks try knock the price down and I think the government also was involved in this big time , I think on Thursday I will be a large buyer of Gold and Silver coins bars shares and the reason why is this bull market is enormously powerful and it is being led by players that have a lot of money , they do not care about margins , if they raise margins from 7500 dollars where they are now to let's 21600 dollars like they did with silver it would not make any difference

Shanghai Gold Exchange Raises Gold Margins causing gold prices to drop $150

The Shanghai Gold Exchange said on Tuesday that it will raise trading margins on three gold spot-deferred contracts to 12 percent starting on Friday to limit trading risks following the rapid rally in gold prices.The CME has raised margin requirements for gold twice this year, once in January and once in early August, by 11% and 22% respectively. The moves did little to stem gold's rally. A week after the margin hikes in January gold was down just 2% and a week after the August hike gold was up 1.5%.Gold pulled back to as low as $1745 this morning before re-bouncing 35 dollars Many experts think, that any dips will be met with strong buying and help curb a deeper correction.Don not panic just do what Bob Chapman always recommends use the dips as God's given opportunities to buy as much physical gold as you can , this rally is not even started , the gold prices are very likely to touch the $3000 mark before 2012

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Bob Chapman : Ron Paul is our only hope politically

Bob Chapman - RADIO LIBERTY 3rd Hour - August 22, 2011

Bob Chapman : Wall street and the National Chamber of commerce were very large contributors to both presidential candidates campaigns but particularly to Mr Obama , this explains the problem why things do not change why we do not get any change even though a lot of constituents complain to them and that's because approximately 90 to 85 percent of these people are paid of by the people behind the scenes , and that situation I do not know we are going to get around it other than voting them out of office , may be we can get Ron Paul elected who just raised a million dollar in his birthday but it takes hundreds of millions to run a campaign properly , we got to back him because he is our only hope politically ...