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Monday, August 29, 2011

Gold to $5000/oz within the next five years

Gold to storm all the way up to $5000 an ounce over the next few years , you have people like Steven Forbes predicting $5000 Gold in the next five years and he also predicts that we will back on the gold standard , within five years . , congressman Ron Paul also predicting $5000 an ounce gold or even higher and he says that he is not purchasing gold for profit but as an insurance against the coming hyperinflation ....

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival 29 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : anybody who is trying to trade these markets that is not a professional is looking for trouble , just buy gold and silver assets every months despite the price , The Gold owning elite , they have gold because they know it is the ultimate money it is a hedge for them a lot more people in the world own a lot more gold than they do , I looked at this question for many years and I think if they got 20 percent they got a lot , you do not worry about what the next guy is doing you worry about yourself , you buy gold to save your assets

Gold trying to find its legs - we will see $2000 before thanksgiving

Gold is having v moves it is trying to find its legs and I believe its legs are well above 1800 says Anthony my prediction is by the 4th quarter the end of the 4th quarter thanksgiving actually we will see $2000 Gold he added , Europe is in trouble and needs its own Quantitative Easing , in the US QE3 is bullish for Gold as the FED will have to create more money

Bob Chapman - THE POWER HOUR - August 29, 2011

Bob Chapman : first of all we never had a recovery secondly the inflationary depression that we have been ion for almost 30 months is still going on , the real figure on inflation is 11.2 percent not 3.6 percent , we are headed into a very slow time we are going to have minus GDP we are going to have 14 percent inflation by the end of the year , business is going to get bad very bad we will have a replay of the 1930s ,

Gold Rush in The Swiss Alps

The business of recreational gold panning in the Swiss Alps. is Booming lately probably because of the higher gold price.The near record price of gold has many people heading to the Swiss alpine rivers to mine and pan for the precious metal.