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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bob Chapman explains Operation Twist

Bob Chapman - a Marine Disquisition - 22 Sept 2011

Bob Chapman : Operation Twist is where the FED creates money out of thin air and goes into the Bond market and holds up or makes static the prices on short term bills up to the two years bills at the same time they expect to go in the long into the market which is 5 years notes 7 years and 10 years notes and they are going to buy them to make the yields go down and they will probably do some thirty years bond as well as you can see they have different names bills notes and bonds , what they are going to do is force long term bond prices up to make the yield go down ( one is inverse to he other )

Bob Chapman explains what happened in The Gold Market today

Bob Chapman - The Freedom Files 22 September 2011

Bob Chapman : when you have manipulated market you have things like that happen , in any way Gold and Silver will turn around and oil will too , the Federal Reserve is going to create money out of thin air with this operation twist ,

Bob Chapman on The Global Freedom Report 9/14/11

Bob Chapman : the German people have had it and they are angry and loaded , for bear , they could have a revolution in Germany , all he european banks are essentially broke , once Greece default they'll have a new Drachma

Bob Chapman : if you are in the GLD and SLV you are going to lose all your money

Bob Chapman - The Sovereign Economist - 21 Sept 2011  
Bob Chapman : I expect that because of the relationship between the COMEX the LBMA with GLD and SLV and they do not have any gold to speak of and they have phoney audit and they are using derivatives options and futures contracts that relationship is going to break down and when it does everyone is going to lose all their money so all you speculators out there who are in the LBMA and COMEX and GLD and SLV one of these days you are going to wake up and your money is all gone

Bob Chapman recommends 30 percent in gold and silver coins and 70 percent in gold silver shares

Bob Chapman with Kerry Lutz - 9-21-2011 Bob Chapman : my recommendation is 30 percent in Gold and Silver coins split evenly , and I would generally stick to bullion coins in both....
with the shares at 70 percent , why ? because historically they have far far outperformed coins , to me coins are for a different thing and I got a lots of them , for emergencies and that sort of things , in the worse of the depression gold and silver shares went up over 500 percent the DOW dropped 90 percent and yes the price of gold doubled but did not go up 500 percent , during the inflation of 70-71 they went up forty times more on average than the price of Gold , I am not saying that will happen again but they will the shares will outperform