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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soros is behind Occupy Wallstreet Movement

Bob Chapman on The Alx Jones 07 October 2011

Bob Chapman : the idea is to neutralize our movement , there are a number of people that are not socialist or leftist that are part of this protests , but the movement was usurped b communists and their manifesto looks like it was written by Karl Marx

Max Keiser & David Morgan on Gold and Silver legal tender in Utah

David Morgan talks about the new law implemented in the state of Utah making gold and silver legal tender.: " The Utah is the first state in the Union that has outlawed the fact that citizens can volunteerly interact in any transaction in the state in commerce in other words simply you can buy and sell with gold and silver as a transaction basis throughout the state " David Morgan says , now you can walk to any store and buy whatever you want to buy with your debit card.once this implemented it will catch on says David Morgan ...the FIAT system is going to collapse , there never has been a fiat currency that has survived throughout the history....

The outcome of the Wallstreet protest are Martial Law

Bob Chapman - The Free American Hour - October 7, 2011

Bob Chapman - the protests have brought in a lot of public so you won't know a communist from a right winger , they have brought in some conservative people to speak to the crowd which is good , but what is their final destination ? and that destination is I believe demonstrations followed by violence followed by an excuse for the Federal government to use Martial Law this is what I think they are after