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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bob Chapman : The whole banking structure is coming down

Bob Chapman - Radio Liberty 3rd Hour - November 07, 2011 : The whole banking structure is coming down , people are going to lose most of what they got , half of the people in the world are going to get killed in the coming world war when it happens , the Greeks are naive , they should leave the Euro so that they could be able to compete

Bob Chapman : The war with Iran is near

Bob Chapman - Radio Liberty - November 07, 2011

Bob Chapman : America has China and Russia in its back pocket , an attack on Iran is very probable and may happen shortly but we won't know when until it happens ....there is no economic recovery in America the are lying about the unemployment numbers as they lie about everything else ....they are trying to stop the gold rally using derivatives and it only works for a short amount of time , we should attack the $1900 /oz in the next couple of weeks and by the end of the year we should see 42000/oz - $2200 /oz and the only reason it is not there already is because of the manipulation says Bob Chapman....this is your government at work...