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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bob Chapman - MF Global was deliberately taken down

Bob Chapman - Kerry Lutz 14 Nov 2011 : the elite are extremely terrified about talk radio and the internet we are driving them crazy they do not know which way to turn , they even started jamming programs especially when Bob Chapman is on the air , I got the skin of an armadillo if they want action they will get it says Bob Chapman ....

Bob Chapman : Europe may need 8 trillion dollars

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival 14 Nov 2011 : The Situation in Europe gets Worse the European countries the IMF and the ECB have finally came to the conclusion that it is going to be too big to bailout the 6 PIIGS countries , some figures talk about 8 trillions dollars needed , s they have decided to cut lose the 6 PIIGS countries they are all going to go bankrupt

Jim Rogers : Gold is nowhere near a bubble yet

Jim Rogers : Gold is nowhere near a bubble yet , I suspect you know very few people who have ever bought actually any gold , if you go to America you see shops everywhere saying 'We Buy Gold' , the public is lining up to sell gold someday those shops will say 'We Sell Gold' and the public will be lining up to buy gold , there is very little of that now , very little pension funds , mutual funds very few investors institutions of any kind own any gold and if they own gold it's one or two percent , that's not a bubble John a bubble is when everybody is begging to buy gold all day long .... - in CNN interview , Click here to watch the entire interview >>>>>