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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bob Chapman : the commodity market contract is not worth the paper it is written on

Bob Chapman interviewed by SGTbull07 this Dec 10, 2011 about the MF Global and what happened to Gerald Celente who lost a six figure amount of money in an MF global account "people have to understand that the rules for the commodity market are much different than they are for stocks and the stock market , the commodity market gives you a contract that it is not worth the paper it is written on " says Bob Chapman and the commodity company in this case MF Global can change the rules anytime they feel like it Bob explains

China & The Gold Market

China's Role in the Gold Market : China has admitted what many gold bugs have long speculated: it's been stockpiling gold since 2003. That accounts for only about 1.6% of China's total foreign exchange holdings and is little more than one-tenth of the value of the U.S. gold reserve, the world's biggest. It also means gold has slipped as a share of China's total reserves from about 2%, based on end-2003 prices. China's investment in gold has increased by around 50 percent over recent years, coming in behind India as the world's second largest gold consumer. At the China International Jewellery Fair, gold lovers eye everything from standard rings to designer necklaces. Or for those with no limits, how about a gold tiara or tailor-made luxury bra.

Bob Chapman on The Alex Jones show - 09 December 2011

 The mortgage question is a good one. If you are smart and buy gold, silver, guns and food now, then if hyperinflation hits and assuming you still have a job and they have to pay you a crazy salary like $50,000 a month, just to get you to show up to work, then you could pay off your mortgage very quickly, assuming you are prepared and don't need to use that $50000 a month to buy gas and food, which will be insanely expensive. Those that are prepared will keep their homes.