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Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold to fall to $1450 - $1500 quickly says Dennis Gartman

Gold drops down below $1700 for the first time in two weeks and touched a seven week low earlier in the day. Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter founder/publisher/editor gives his outlook on the Gold Market : we could see gold trading down to $1500 - $1450 very quickly , he says , a lot of people got caught owning gold because they thought the problems in Europe will boost the gold market he adds , and what's really bad for the gold market is that over the weekend you had an announcement by a huge purchase by the Chinese which had no effect whatsoever that's not a good sign
Gold falls below $1700 for the first time in two weeks and is expected to go lower

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival - 12 Dec 2011

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival - 12 Dec 2011 : Europe is still in trouble , and they are not solving the debt crisis and they are not even taking back the sovereignty of the 17 countries that has been taken over , the gold price dropping is caused by the simultaneous selling by the federal reserve the treasury and the IMF


Gold dropped below $1,661 this morning so why in the world is going on ? Expert Phil Streible says that it is mainly due to the liquidation because of the fact that there are tighter fiscal responsibility coming out of the Euro Zone as they are implementing a budget plan for 2012 so the safety play for gold came out as there are less expectations for inflation Phil says

Bob Chapman - James Corbett Interview - Dec. 10, 2011

James Corbett reviews his past interviews with the legendary Bob Chapman of the International forecaster , Bob speaks about how he was hired as a counter intelligence agent how he was one of the largest gold and silver broker for over 30 years and a lot more ...

Bob Chapman - Blogtalk Radio - December 9, 2011

Bob Chapman on Lets Get Real With Reuben Torres 09 December 2011 : Germany is ostensibly pushing for the European stability mechanism , is a way of striping the 17 countries from their fiscal sovereignty ...stress tests show that most of the banks in Europe are in serious trouble if not broke ,