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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bob Chapman - Ron Paul or Police State

Bob Chapman - Freedomizer Radio - Jan. 10, 2012 : Bob Chapman talks about Romney winning in IOWA and New Hampshire how the establishment is trying to marginalize ron Paul , Ron Paul who is our last hope for a free America and a world without wars , their ultimate goal is probably to have Obama reelected in office says Bob Chapman....


  1. some of the peoples shows Bob is on,like this one,are morons.He needs to stick with the classier ons like Statmiller,Jones,and Melody's.

  2. I think these two were very kind to Bob, and are very respectful of his opinions! Bob was unusually quiet and seemed distracted in this broadcast, leaving them to fill in the air space. Be careful what you say about people because it could backfire!


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