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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bob Chapman - Greece will leave the Eurozone

Bob Chapman - JOSH TOLLEY SHOW - January 18, 2012 : despite the regime changes in Greece and Italy two dictators and formers international bankers with ties to the Illuminati circles , the situation is not improving , Greece will very likely default and go back to the Drachma , Greece should have never joined the Eurozone in the first place , they may be followed by Ireland Portugal and even Belgium


  1. Good for the Euro and the spending power of the Euro to buy gold as insurance. I hope the Europeans have leaned a valuable lesson about debt .... but I'm sure they haven't.

  2. It would be hilarious if Belgium went off the Euro, since Brussels is one of the Imperial power centers of the EU. Because of that it seems doubtful they will allow that to happen, but you never know. I personally doubt they will let any of these nations get out of the Euro, because that would 'break the psyhcological spell' of the EU Empire on the people. It seems that they would easily risk WW3 and whatever may come, before letting that brainwashing get threatened - but who knows. Italy is of course famous for being an irresponsible nation (recall the Lire exchange rates).

    Anonymous: nobody I know here (the Netherlands) has any clue what the national debt even is (that is is a debt pyramid scam and tax evasion scam for the rich, imho). Hence no, they have no clue, none.

    By the way, I don't know how the EU is presented outside of Europe or even other nations, but in the media and in public life/debate, the EU is not present. We do not talk 'EU this, EU that,' we talk about the national parliament only. The collapse of the EU would not really mean much in that sense, a foreign enemy less I would say.


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