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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bob Chapman - If Ron Paul is not elected president run for the hills

Bob Chapman - RealNewsRadio - January 7, 2012 : there are criminals in both parties , the neo cons are criminals , it is pretty obvious what they did in IOWA voting , Ne Hampshire will be a close race Romney has a home there , if the republicans want to commit suicide all they have to do is rig another couple of elections and my guess is they will says Bob Chapman they are dumber than dumb , if Ron Paul is not elected as the president of the United States you do not want to hear what's going happen to this country it is that bad , many patriots will just leave the United States of America if Ron Paul is not elected , Bob Chapman himself who has been living outside America for many years announces that he is not coming back....


  1. Ron paul is the only guy who will kill the federal reserve



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