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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bob Chapman on Benjamin Fulford

Bob Chapman on Benjamin Fulford and other charlatans and unqualified commentators who are there to spread disinformation and sensationalism in order to sell whatever they are selling DVDs or newsletters or what have you


  1. i use to like bob ONI office of naval intel chapman

  2. Chapman, actually Fulford has far better credintials as Forbes main journalist and business representitive for many years in Japan ,
    so sorry your 1% world Illumanati banksterism has been revealed,I expect you will be following the Fed into disrepute and rejection. Sounds like your opinion is just that ,Uneducated and superficial, I dare you to read the Fulford weekly reports at Fulford. com.......

    1. Well I have listened to Ben for over three years and not one threat he claimed the ninja would do if the Illuminati didnt back off. Then he claimed when it didnt happen well they got nukes. He is a plant and not to be given any credibility at all. He has a failed reputation.


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