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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bob Chapman on the best places to Expatriate to for the Americans

Bob Chapman who has been himself living outside the United States for years gives his recommendations on where Americans can expatriate in case Ron Paul is not elected , many American patriots are expected to leave the country if Ron Paul is not elected especially now with the NDAA becoming a law . Bob Chapman himself lives somewhere in an undisclosed location in the central American jungle he strongly recommends Mexico and Costa Rica


  1. Bob, where have been living for the past few years. How can you recomend that Americans move to Mexico with all the drug violence. I would never visit there, much less move there.

  2. The entire country is not a hotbed of drug-fueled violence, any more than all of the United States is a hotbed of drug-fueled violence.

  3. Mexico isn't nearly as dangerous as the press would have you to believe. There are plenty of safe places with nice little American/Canadian communities that are quite safe. Remember, most of what you hear is sensationalized media. There are places in my home town that I wouldn't ever venture into.


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