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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bob Chapman - THE POWER HOUR - Jan. 9, 2012

Bob Chapman on THE POWER HOUR with Joyce Riley - Jan. 9, 2012 the downside in the european economies is going to be reversed because of the money that the ECB has received from the FED as a swap and which will be used to bailout the European economies , so 2012 is not going to be the dire year that many are expecting says Bob Chapman .....


  1. Bob Chapman just dribbles. He never owned a brokerage company. He pump his silly news package full of links. No one has the time to read it.

  2. Bob you are speaking the truth for all to hear. Keep it up. Vote Ron Paul!

  3. World net daily has justice dept docs showing how he is wanted for pump dump scams for mining stocks. I think that's why he is hiding outside the country.


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