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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bob Chapman : Vote Ron Paul or say goodbye to the Republic

Bob Chapman talks about the possible coming war against Iran its dire consequences on world's peace as we are likely going to have Russia and China involved in the side of Iran and against USA and Israel ,this will trigger WW3 with catastrophic consequences for all of us , Bob Chapman talk about the Ron Paul election , Ron Paul is our last hope the last hope for freedom in America , if Ron Paul is not elected expect the worse


  1. Bob,there is one real big problem with Ron Paul, HE IS UN-ELECTABLE. I like some of the ideas he talks about, but face it, he won't be the next President of the US. Even if he tries a 3rd party one.

  2. Why do you think that he is unelectable?? Because the media tells you so?

    Wake up, Ron Paul is the only one that can fix the USA.

  3. Why do you say he is unelectable? Is it because talking heads on the establishment media tell you so?

    Wake up. Ron Paul is the only one who has the convictions and ideas that will fix the problems in the USA.


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