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Sunday, January 8, 2012

David Morgan on What happened to Gold & Silver in 2011

David Morgan :........., gold started to go parabolic similar to what silver had done earlier in the year. And as that was taking place from roughly the $1,550 level, all the way up to the $1,900 level, I was concerned, not fundamentally on gold or silver, but technically. And sure enough gold got over bought on a temporary basis. I'm not saying that it's not worth more than $1,900 - surely it is - it's just in the time frame or in the context in which it got to $1,900 concerned me, technically. Sure enough gold sells off - well when gold sold off silver was hanging around the $40 level and then got whacked right along with gold and moved from around $40 all the way down to under $30 temporarily. And since that time until now - the end of the year, what we're seeing is silver has built a base above the $30 level and continues to do so.- in mineweb interview

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