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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peter Schiff : The fundamentals have never been better for Gold

The rising dollar has pushed gold back into bear territory. Discussing how to make money now in the precious metal, with Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff says that he is more bullish on gold than ever before that the fundamentals look great now after this pull back and that Gold is the best investment in 2012 : "personally I have been buying particularly in the mining stocks which i think have a lot of value. i was very bullish on gold for 2011. this time 2010. and for most of the year we had a very strong market. i didn't anticipate the extent of the decline towards the end of the year, although that makes me even more bullish for the prospects for gold for 2012. i think the fundamentals have never been better for gold and i think prices are going a lot higher" says Peter Schiff "i still think it's headed higher. i'm not really sure when you talk about the turnaround, i don't think that the correction we've had in the last few months has turned the bull trend. i think we're still in a bull market. i think that trend is going to continue. the question is, is the correction over. i don't think there's much more left in the correction, and you guys were talking earlier in the show about shorting the euro. i think that trade is going to reverse. there's too many people short the euro. it's crowded, it's too simple, and i think people are going to lose money in that trade and i think not enough people are in gold." he added " it's under owned. it's probably the most under owned investment asset out there. i have spent a lot of time speaking with institutional investors. we have a new institutional division and we have been talking with a lot of pension funds and hedge funds. it's absolutely shocking how few gold is actually owned in these huge portfolios" Peter Schiff explained

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