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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 50 Year Gold & Silver Plan - Walter Burien

Dr Deagle Show - Walter Burien - The 50 Year Gold & Silver Plan , I do not agree with Walter Burien , the story about extracting gold from sea water I have been hearing about it 35 years ago , it is just non feasable and won't happen any time soon , gold is not a Commodity , gold is Money so i think this is where some analyst get it all wrong , never treat gold as a commodity , gold is money the only money that humanity ever known since 6000 years if not more , Gold always preserves its value , the gold coins that you owned say 6000 years ago can still be exchanged today for goods and services ...Go long everything Gold you can get your hands on Gold coins and Bars Please stay with Government minted Coins and Bars

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  1. The sea water comment was an example of "if" it happened and not will happen. Yes, gold was used as a barter tool for several thousand years just as was silver; copper; land; labor; and on some Polynesian Islands hundreds of years ago sea shells.

    The reality I was pointing out is "who" owns the majority of the physical gold and IT IS NOT the public. Commercial banks; the large families; and a few countries are sitting on over 83% of the physical. The same groups everyone complains about.

    Additionally, in the last 50-years their average purchase price on new purchases from the 60's up until the late 90's has been between $134 to $174 per oz... THEY ARE the ones that have locked in that over 1,000% profit on the majority of the gold.

    As I mentioned on the show: "You can own all of the gold in the world but if you can not unload it in quantity, your stuck. (the non-public above worldwide are sitting on about 1,210,000 tons of Gold. The entire private sector about 35,000 tons.

    The 50-year plan is coming to a close in 2013/14 with the issue of gold backed currency giving them the ability to unload the gold to back the currency thus locking in that 1,000% + profit for the syndicate (their inflation hedge over the last 50-years).

    Then the public becomes the "bag-holder" and history will tell you what happens every time there.

    I plan on making a fortune when those gold back currency sales level off towards the end of 2015 when I short with maximum leverage gold (over $2,600 per oz); silver (over $100 per oz); and copper (over $12 per lb).

    Precious metals are a good buy and hold at this time, that is up until the 50-year plan finishes out.

    Walter Burien - CAFR1
    Prior CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) 1978-1992


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