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Friday, February 3, 2012

Gold and Silver Financial Review With Bob Chapman by Gold Radio Cafe

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Bob Chapman - Gold Radio Cafe - February 3, 2012 : Bob Chapman gives his insights on where he sees gold and silver prices going from here , the impact of the Ben Bernanke testimony before the congress . Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke on Thursday told a House Budget Committee that the economy is "gradually" recovering, but he expects stronger growth in 2012, than last year.One thing is certain. Distress will be met with a hyper inflationary response whose effect over time only further deepens distress. The past several years most vividly stand as proof. Yet this same cause and effect was a dynamic firmly in place even before 2008's shadow banking system collapse. Indeed, inflate or die has been the banking system's mantra for decades. Yet capacity to carry on this way presently is in grave doubt. Bernanke even admits so much.

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