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Saturday, February 25, 2012

James Turk : Gold doesnt have counterparty risk

James Turk: You really can't predict what event or what catalyst will occur to cause the metals to move higher, it's just an ongoing bull market. You know my long-term forecast going back to an interview in Biarritz in 2003 when gold was about $350/oz was that sometime between 2013 and 2015 gold would be $8000/oz and I' sticking to that forecast. And that forecast is not based on crystal balls or anything of that nature, it's basically just mathematical that when you go into a financial bust, and one began in 2000, people prefer tangible assets over financial assets because in a financial bust a lot of promises that have been made are broken, and when those promises are broken, confidence in the system falls and people move to tangible assets because they want to own things like gold because gold doesn't have counterparty risk. We're still very much in this major trend and as the problems in Greece continue to unravel because I don't think this parliament bill that's been approved is going to have any long-term positive effect, and other problems in Europe - in Italy and Spain continue to unfold, and recently now the bond-raising agencies have marked the united kingdom for a possible downgrade which would take it from its AAA status. All of these cumulatively are providing reasons for people to move out of financial assets, to move into tangible assets, so I expect this trend to continue. But what event it's going to be you can't really predict that, you just have to play the bull trend, continue to accumulate the metals - I've been recommending a dollar cost averaging programme to do that and focus on much higher prices in the years ahead, as all these problems come to a head.

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