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Thursday, February 23, 2012

James Turk : This Gold correction is over

James Turk : Mineweb - 2/22/2012 : Yea they bounced from the lows but the reality is that both gold and silver remain in a trading range. The peak in silver goes back to April of last year, the peak in gold goes back to the summer of last year, and since then we've been in this broad trading range. But the interesting this is that we're now back at the high of the trading range and after moving from $1520 at the end of December to early January up to around $1750. We're still around that $1730/$1725 area so that actually demonstrates in my mind a lot of strength in gold and silver doing basically the same thing, so there's a lot of strength in silver and I think this correction we've been in over the past several months in both metals is about to end and you're going to see much higher gold prices and silver prices as we work to the end of the first quarter.

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