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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jim Rogers : Gold is taking a well deserved rest but is not in a Bubble

Jim Rogers : Gold is certainly not in a bubble , if something is in a bubble everybody is buying it and I suspect you know very few people who own gold , if you walk around the streets in America hardly anybody owns gold , it is not in a bubble , that does not mean it is not going to continue to go down , gold has been up eleven years in a row and that's very unusual for any asset anywhere in the world throughout history , so gold is taking a well deserved rest it could go down 30 , 40 percent ( it went down 9 percent since February ) it could go down a significant amount , in the 1970s gold went down 50 percent and it scared a lot of people out then it went up 850 percent that's the way markets work , if people do not understand that about the markets they should not be investing , gold could go significantly down and if it does I hope I am smart enough to buy more - in Capital account interview
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