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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bob Chapman : I have been studying the elitists for 50 years

Bob Chapman : I've been studying the elitists for 50 years, and I've been writing about them since 1967. None of this is new and now because of the Internet much of it is very visible. It begins with central banking and there is nothing to be said that can constitute a defense of central banking. A small group of men get together around a table and set interest rates, basically the price of money. They do so without supervision or the consent of those who use their money product and they do so pretty much in secret. There is no accountability and lately, again thanks to the Internet and YouTube, people can pretty well see how nonsensical the system is. We had a classical gold standard for 200 years that provided a good deal more monetary stability than the current system. There were problems with it, but the problems had little to do with the creation of money itself. Today we have a money problem and it is very obvious where the responsibility lies. Just go on the Internet and read about it. Then ask yourself, where did this concept of a central bank come from? Is that all there is to it? Of course not. There are plenty of forces, families and extraordinarily wealthy individuals standing in the shadows of the central bank. They didn't get a lot of exposure in previous decades, but they are certainly exposed now. - in Daily Bail
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