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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Free-Market has been overtaken By Elitists and their Monetary Creations

Bob Chapman : Yes, I would say so. Regulation is necessary in my opinion not theoretically but pragmatically – regulation that should protect the working-man and the middle class. They have the most to lose. Most of the 20th century was spent on workers rights and rightly so. Conditions and wages were dreadful. As a result of labor unions we established a large middle class, which formed the backbone of our country. What the future holds for unions I cannot say. It depends on how the depression plays out. The forces at play are extremely powerful and there needs to be some sort of organized mechanism that counteracts what has been created. While we can see that the free-market has been overtaken to a degree by elitists and their monetary creations, the question of how to live in such a world are real and immediate. In the long-term education may work but in the short term various entities, including those that some might call populist, have a role to play. - in DailyBail
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