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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bob Chapman : I am doing 30 hours of programming a week.

Bob Chapman : Well, that's a good question. But it's wrong. The reason it's wrong is that I'm doing 30 hours of programming a week. I'm doing it on AM, FM, satellite and shortwave radio and on the Internet. I'm reaching all kinds of audiences all over the world. That is not a core constituency. That is the global population. We have subscribers everywhere, including some important people, whom I'll not mention. One of the reasons that we keep the cost of the publication at the low level we do is because we want people to be able to access alternative information. People will only go so far in trying to discover what's going on. There are steps that you can take by putting the mosaic together. In over 20 years, our record in all aspects in the publication has been superlative. Two months ago I said in The International Forecaster as well as on radio that I believed the Fed was going to go to the second stage of quantitative easing. I explained the reasons why, and lo and behold it happened. How did I come to that conclusion? The first thing was that the stock market started to rally. Then I saw information generally available saying that the economy was looking better when in fact it wasn't. There had to be another reason for major Wall Street firms going long on the market in a very big way.- in theaureport
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