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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bob Chapman My Carrier as a Counterintelligence Agent

Bob Chapman :  Number one: I spent three years in counterintelligence for the United States government and worked with the National Security Agency as well as an adjunct agency to the Central Intelligence Agency in army counterintelligence against the Russians in Europe. The first thing I learned was that the Japanese diplomatic code had been broken in 1937. That was declassified in 1968. I found out that the United States government knew everything that the Japanese were doing. I wasn't very happy with that, so I started to think outside the box. I started to look jaundiced at things that were being done, especially because I was spying on the Russians. After I left government service, I maintained the same kind of attitude toward what government had to say. And it wasn't just the U.S. government. It's all governments. I had a different perspective than I had prior to being engaged in counterintelligence work. As far as the statistics that I think you're referring to, like the CPI (consumer price index) and the unemployment figures, John Williams ( is another economist who does what I do and his figures come out the same as mine. Real unemployment is not 9.8%. If you put all of U6 together (the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures six types of unemployment, U1-U6) and removed the birth/death ratio, you're talking about 21.5% unemployment. So why doesn't the government tell the public all about U6? It's a good question. But the figures are all bogus. - in theaureport
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