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Saturday, May 5, 2012

James Turk - Goldseek Radio - 1st May 2012

James Turk - Goldseek Radio - 1st May 2012 - James Turk : "Inevitably we're going to go back to gold. Gold's going to return to it's traditional and rightful role at the center of global commerce when this bubble pops. And what is this bubble? It's the fiat currency bubble."
"Only safe way to play it is hold a tangible asset for your money and that means owning gold or silver."
"In a world of floating currencies they bob up and down relative to each other depending on central banks relative to each should be measuring the dollar the euro and other currencies of the world... by gold."
"All fiat currencies are on a fiat currencies are just on a downward path. They bob up and down against each other but they're all sinking relative to gold itself."

James Turk has specialised in international banking, finance and investments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a B.A. degree in International Economics. James Turk has written several essays and numerous articles on money and banking, much of which can be found on his Free Gold Money Report website. He is the co-author of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar (Doubleday 2004), which has been updated for a paperback version entitled The Collapse of the Dollar. James founded GoldMoney together with his son Geoff Turk in 2001.

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