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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jim Rogers Still Bullish on Gold

Jim Rogers : “… if Gold gets to $1100 or $1200 or $1300, I would hope I’m smart enough to buy more. I don’t know if it’s going to go there or not. I may buy it at $1850 if war breaks out with Iran. It depends on what happens in the world. What I said was that it won’t surprise me if gold goes down much lower; that’s normal for the way markets work. And if it goes there, I hope I’m smart enough to buy more. But if it goes to $1,550, I would probably buy more. Just depends on what happens.”
“It really doesn’t change my view… as if you think some government statistics — which are wrong at late — would affect anything in my investment world. No, I don’t even know or pay attention to such things.”
“… since China doesn’t publish too much about it. But I know that China has got a campaign encouraging the Chinese citizens to own gold. I know shops have sprung up everywhere. And the good banks are now offering gold everywhere. So there’s been a huge change in China in the past five years. And whatever they’re producing, I presume most of it they’re selling to themselves. They know that gold consumption has gone up a lot in China. They claim that they’re the largest producer of gold in the world now. I have no reason to doubt that claim. Lots of dramatic changes have taken place in China versus gold in the last few years.” - in ETF Daily News

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