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Friday, July 6, 2012

Barclay Scandal Ultra Bullish For Gold Prices

Jeff Dunphy - Gold Radio Cafe - July 6, 2012 Barkley scandal added to more Quantitative Easing will boost the gold prices higher and higher

Financial SCANDAL: Bob Diamond CEO of Barclay, too old for PRISON? In this episode,Jeff Dunphy on Gold Radio Cafe discuss 'scandals' for the big guys, 'crimes' for the small fry and they also examine the worst businessman of the century.The interest rate rigging scandal at Barclay's, has led to a resignation of Chairman Marcus Agius, in an attempt to take the heat off of Bob Diamond, the companies CEO. The interest rate rigging scandal, has dealt a huge blow to Barclay's reputation and it is most likely, that other institutions, that were involved in the rigging process, will have to undergo scrutiny by the authorities. Barclays has officially admitted, that some of its traders have been manipulating the LIBOR rate, which is the benchmark for prices, on about $350 trillion of derivatives and other financial products. This new scandal is certainly not helping the banking industry, to redeem its reputation in our eyes, and investigations will continue into other major banks, such as Citigroup, HSBC, UBS and RBS.

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