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Friday, December 14, 2012

James Turk: Buy Gold & Silver Now before 2013

If you just went short at the peaks you were fine. But investment time frames are NEVER supposed to be "2 years or less" that's what trading is for. It's not being a crook. This last 2 years has been a gift those those NOT wanting to pay more than 2000/oz for gold. Come March you'll be sorry you missed out - they won't - because in 2013 March 2000 will be the low price for a very long time. e.g. when gold is on the rise and you have a GLD call you will gain, in the money, roughly $60 or more for each dollar up GLD goes, BUT calls expire. When gold drops from its peak you buy GLD puts and you will gain roughly $60 for each dollar GLD drops (10.33 $ drop in gold = $1 drop in GLD roughly). Options EXPIRE. The buy prices are low enough to create leverage. A swing > $100/oz either way lets you do both: 1 call 1 put, swings hard then you sell EITHER to pay for BOTH + profit. Here's what's coming next: silver to 73 or so and gold to 2400 (could be 2500) 2013 Sep. Get ready then for a drop down to only 2000/gold and silver will drop with it : a scatterplot is needed to figure out how much it drops. I'd guess to 50 from 75 peak. That's a year out. Right now: (gold / 1274) to power 2.31 x 17 = silver +/- 55 cents/ounce If you want to break even and lose out sell it all now. Silver & gold are DECADE holdings over-all. SHORT-Term is paper

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