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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bob Chapman - Italians are the best Savers in Europe

Bob Chapman - Ringside Politics - January 16, 2012 : The Unemployment in America is not improving the figures of Obama's administration are all bogus , Bob Chapman then talks about the debt in Europe and how Spain has a low debt to GDP ratio in the rate of 40 percent , while Italy has one of the highest debt to GDP ratios in the order of 120 percent , but while the banks in Italy might be broke and the government is broke the people are some of the best savers in the world and they got MONEY

Bob Chapman - 3rd Hour Radio Liberty - 16 Jan 2012

Bob Chapman - 3rd Hour Radio Liberty - 16 Jan 2012 Bob Chapman talks about the recent S&P downgrade for 9 European countries how that was merely a political move , he then talks about the forecast for gold and silver the war with Iran and the GOP election and the chances of the libertarian Ron Paul

The Rating Agencies Downgrades of Europe is political

Bob Chapman - Radio liberty 16 January 2012 : the rating agencies downgrades of European countries is a political moves so that people won't look at the US and the UK as the sources of problems ......says Bob Chapman