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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bob Chapman : Ron Paul or Police State

Bob Chapman : Freedom Files - 26 Jan 2012 , if Ron Paul is not elected they will turn America into a police state where people will be picked up and shot , gold and silver will continue their rally boosted by the news from the FED which have decided to keep zero interest rates until 2014 , another 3 years ,

2012 is going to be a Mine Field

Bob Chapman - Dr Deagle show - 25 January 2012 ,Europe is in a dire financial situation , US is in even a worse one , and the FED cannot continue to raise the debt ceiling in eternity , the only we can get this economy going is by increasing debt , the fed is creating money out of thin air this Ponzi scheme cannot go on forever , it is going to hit the wall sooner or later , buy more gold and silver and get ready cause 2012 is going to be a mine field

Bob Chapman - whats going on in the straight of Hormuz is just a game

Bob Chapman - Paster Paugh - Jan. 25, 2012 , eventually Greece will default the Euro will end and the EU will break-up , what's going on in the straight of Hormuz is just a game to distract people from the real financial and economic problems , inflation is going to create panic

GATA Adrian Douglas speaks at Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. January 23, 2011

GATA Adrian Douglas Speak at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference January 23, 2011.Adrian Douglas starts at 6:30. Gold could go through 8.000$ an ounce and Silver 500$ an ounce! Hold physical silver, and buy a little more each time you can afford it, regardless of the price. You have to remember, silver price is being manipulated. What firms like JP Morgan/Chase are doing is selling paper ETFs that are NOT backed by physical metal. So these paper receipts are worthless. They'll keep manipulating the price down as long as they can, but when it all comes down, the price will skyrocket. The day is coming.

Adrian Douglas was born in 1957 in England. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1980 in Natural Sciences. He worked for 20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry with Schlumberger where he reached senior management positions in Marketing and Sales. Adrian established a highly successful consultancy business specializing in pricing and marketing called InnovoMark - Innovative Marketing . He developed unique methodologies related to pricing and marketing which have been incorporated into proprietary training programs. The study of commercial enterprise pricing led to a deep interest into the market pricing mechanisms of financial assets. As a result Adrian developed a unique algorithm and methodology for analyzing financial futures markets, and in particular identifying appropriate entry and exit points. The technique has been named "Market Force AnalysisTM" (MFATM) and a patent is pending. Adrian has been interviewed for various internet radio stations and for TV as well as making presentations at investment conferences. Adrian is also a Director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA); a non-profit organization that is an advocate for a freely traded gold market. Adrian is also a member of the Advisory Board of SAMEX, a junior mining company exploring for gold/silver and copper in Chile and Bolivia. Adrian has made almost a daily contribution to the website commenting on precious metals and the financial markets in general. .

Bob Chapman - The art of being a Broker

Bob Chapman - Kerry Lutz 25 January 2012 : just buy gold and silver and be patient and if it does not move too quick you can buy more says Bob Chapman , in this episode Bob Chapman elaborates deeply on the mining stocks and the art of being a broker ....