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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bob Chapman : America lost its Sovereignty

Bob Chapman - The Alex Jones Show - 03 Feb 2012 : we are not prisoners in America. We have done nothing wrong yet we are being enhanced frisked like we are inmates. It ridiculous for us to accept this stuff. personally I think we should drag the TSA employee's out and give them a swift beat down till they get it through their thick skulls.

Bob Chapman : we are experiencing Peak Gold and Silver

Bob Chapman Financial survival 03 February 2012 : we are experiencing peak gold and peak silver mostly because the environmentalists are stopping gold mining operations around the world , this is extremely bullish for the gold and silver prices ....

Gold and Silver Financial Review With Bob Chapman by Gold Radio Cafe

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Bob Chapman - Gold Radio Cafe - February 3, 2012 : Bob Chapman gives his insights on where he sees gold and silver prices going from here , the impact of the Ben Bernanke testimony before the congress . Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke on Thursday told a House Budget Committee that the economy is "gradually" recovering, but he expects stronger growth in 2012, than last year.One thing is certain. Distress will be met with a hyper inflationary response whose effect over time only further deepens distress. The past several years most vividly stand as proof. Yet this same cause and effect was a dynamic firmly in place even before 2008's shadow banking system collapse. Indeed, inflate or die has been the banking system's mantra for decades. Yet capacity to carry on this way presently is in grave doubt. Bernanke even admits so much.

Bob Chapman - The free American Radio - 02 February 2012

Bob Chapman on The free American radio - 02 February 2012 - Bob Chapman talks about the GOP elections the chances of Ron Paul the the coming police state, the takeover of the TEA Parties by pro-war elements and the potential use of detention centers on the American population. Why are we attacking Iran? Quo Bono ? who will benefit from a war in the middle east ?

James Turk speech at the 2012 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

James Turk speaking at the 2012 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference on January 23, 2012 . James Turk, founder of the GoldMoney Foundation he talks about the recent correction in the price of gold from all time nominal highs of 1.923$ per troy ounce and discusses the implications. He points out that there hasn't been a 20% drop in the price of gold since 2008. James explains that these periodic liquidations are a normal part of gold's bull market. He then talks about the fundamentals and discusses gold's safe haven status. He talks about how gold suffers in a liquidity event because of the rush to cash and the need to realize profit, while outperforming all other assets. James Turk recommends seeing gold as a form of savings and accumulating while its undervalued, since the trend will go much higher, rather than attempting to trade it. He also discusses Lehman, Greece, Dexia and other significant market events.